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Maximize Your INFLUENCE

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spin doctor 4.0


Influence expert 4.0


The world changes !

Our chaotic context makes that the demands and needs of citizens evolve as ever before.

Spin Doctor is the first international agency to propose the best influence experts.

The challenges of influence and image are at all levels of the social, political and global board. 
Our consulting charter based on values of benevolence, ecological transition, education for all, access to care, digital, gender equality and racial equality. It’s signing in each contract.

Master images and networks of influence are the conditions for the numbers of brand survivals, leaders, entrepreneurs, project holders, political people.
In the post Covid crisis, being advised by the best experts in communication of influence is an unprecedented societal challenge.

You have a problem with image, influence ? Crisis management ?
You lead a project that is a major step to develop requiring the largest number of members ? Or you want to boost your popularity ?

Contact us !

#spindoctor #influence #crises #projets

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meet the team


STephanie Wismer cassin

Passioned by politics, societal movements, fashions, games – circles of power, since I was a child. Project after project, I learned to know from the inside the spheres of powers, their codes and the issues of public opinion.The Covid crisis and its communication challenges are a matter of urgency for training young people in crisis management and for strategically accompanying men and women with power. To meet this demand, like any profession, Spin Doctor’s business involves framing it, changing it and professionalising it so that it no longer confines it to a choice among a few personalities. Our 21st century, based on image values and hypermediatisation, as symbols of absolute power, our ability to influence or even nuisance, influence the course of humanity and do not allow amateurism or opportunism. That is why I created the first Spin Doctor Agency in 2019.

Nexty Galaxy propel this action to have the biggest impact.





Spin doctor agency

Ethic in politic deals with special adviser(s)